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8.2 (Spring 1986): Poetry in the Commonwealth


Poetry in the Commonwealth


  • Bruce Bennett, "Perceptions of Asia in Australian Poetry", 1
  • Maryvonne Nedeljkovic, "The Sense of Reality in Judith Wright's Poetry", 15
  • Susan Ballyn, "Man and Nature in Douglas Stewart's The Birdsville Track", 15
  • Poetry from Australasia
Richard Tipping, 30
Katherine Gallagher, 33
Harry Ricketts, 35


  • Colette Collomb-Boureau, "Les poètes canadiens à l'inauguration d'un projet national", 38

The Caribbean

  • David Dabydeen, "On Writing 'Slave Song'", 46
  • David Dabydeen, "Slave Song", 49
  • David Dabydeen, "Love Song", 50
  • "An Interview with Jean Breeze", 51
  • Jean Breeze, "Hustler Skank", 53
  • Jean Breeze, "Riddym Ravings", 54
  • "An Interview with Jean breeze" (continued), 56


  • André Dommergues, "Rabindranath Tagore, the Poet of Gitanjali", 59


  • Eliane Saint-André, "Rites of Passage in the Poetry of Kofi Awoonor", 67
  • Neela Alvarez-Pereyre, "Farouk Asvat, The Time of our Lives", 75
  • John Povey, "The Poetry of Mafika Gwala", 84
  • A. Rasheed Yesufu, "Richard Ntiru's Poetry and the Paradox of Uhuru", 94


  • Chidi Amuta, "The Ideological Content of Wole Soyinka's War Writings", 102
  • V. Panduranga Rao, "The Hero - 'Beacon Hero Complex' in Ngugi's Major Fictional Writing", 113

Reviews and books received

  • Denise Coussy, L'oeuvre de Chinua Achebe, 118
  • Gabriel Okara, La voix (translated by Jean Sévry), 118
  • Frank Moorhouse, Coca Cola Kid (translated by J.-P. Delamotte), 118
  • Nouvelles du Sud (special issue on Wole Soyinka), 118
  • Alan McLeod, Index to the Literary Half-Yearly, 119
  • Wolfgang Binder, Partial Autobiographies and Chicano Poetry, 119
  • Stanley Atherton and Satendra Nandan, eds., Creative Writing from Fiji, 119
  • Hedwig Bock and Albert Werheim, eds., Essays on Post-Colonial Fiction, 119

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