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20.1 (Autumn 1997): Language and Languages in the New Literatures in English


  • Cynthia CAREY, Preface, 1
  • Marta DVORAK, Buckler's Grammatical Universe, 3
  • Gillian PORTER-LADOUSSE, Gender and Language in Mararet Atwood's Poetry, 10
  • Michel NAUMANN, Light in Hawsa Poetry: The Impossible Translation, 17
  • Eliane SAINT-ANDRÉ UTUDJIAN, Uses and Misuses of English in The Blinkards by Kobina Sekyi, 23
  • Lalita JAGTIANI NAUMANN, Prying into Ragpicker's Sacks of Words: Failure and the Artist as seen in Githa Hariharan's Untitled Poem, 32
  • Florence D'Souza, Sexual/Textual Strategies in The God of Small Things, 38
  • Tirthankar CHANDA, Code-Switching in Farrukh Dhondy's Bombay Duck, 45
  • Cathy Anne WENDLING, R.K. Narayan: les récits malgudiens ou les leçons de l'âme, 55
  • Emilienne BANETH-NOUAILHETAS, Fatherland and Mother-Tongues in Staying on, 65
  • Sophie MASSÉ, Language versus Languages in The Satanic Verses, 72
  • Colette SELLES, Language and Secondarity in Murray Bail's Holden's Performance, 77
  • Albert WERTHEIM, Triangles of Race: Athol Fugard's "Master Harold"... and the Boys and Paul Slabolepsky's Saturday Night at the Palace, 86
  • André VIOLA, "Two Mothers and No Father': J.M. Coetzee's Boyhood, 96
  • EZENWA-OHAETO, The Multicultural Luggage of Lindfors: Pioneering, Engineering and Documenting Modern African Literarture, 100


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