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14.2 (Spring 1992): Southern Africa


Southern Africa

  • Stephen Gray, "Growing Up Under Apartheid", 1
  • "An Interview with J. M. Coetzee", 6
  • "An Interview with Mazisi Kunene", 8
  • Jean Sévry, "South Africa Re-Visited: Fifty Years of Apartheid Literature", 19
  • Liliane Louvel, "Nadine Gordimer's My Son's Story or the Experience of Fragmentation", 28
  • Jane Wilkinson, "Dust and Dew, Moonlight and Utopia: Natural Imagery in the First South African Novel", 34
  • V. S. Ménager-Everson, "Maru by Bessie Head: The Dilepe Quartet or From Drought to Beer", 44
  • Wole Ogundele, "Politics and the Pastoral Ideal in the Poetry of Dennis Brutus", 49
  • Tim McLoughlin, "Ways of Seeing the Rural Landscape in Zimbabwean Fiction and Painting", 61

  • Senath Perera, "From Mumbi to Wanja: The Emergence of the Woman in Ngugi's Fiction", 69
  • J. O. J. Nwachukwu-Agbada, "Because of Humanity: The Ring of Patriotic Anguish in Wole Soyinka's Poetry", 79
  • Bernth Lindfors, "Big Shots and Little Shots of the Anglophone African Literature Canon", 89

Canada / West Indies

  • Roydon Salick, "Theme and Technique in The Stone Angel and Frangipani House", 98


  • Albert Wertheim, "Inscape and Creation in David Malouf's Harland's Half Acre", 106


  • Geoffrey Davis, Hena Maes-Jelinek, eds., Crisis and Creativity in the New Literatures in English, 114
  • Holger G. Ehling, ed., Critical Approaches to Anthills of the Savannah, 117
  • Jane Wilkinson, Orpheus in Africa: Fragmentation and Renewal in the Work of Four African Writers, 118
  • Anne Fuchs, Playing the Market: The Market Theatre, Johannesburg, 1976-1986, 119

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