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20.2 (Spring 1998): Looking Back


  • H. Robin HANFORD, Derek Walcott's "Forest of Europe," 1
  • Robert HAMNER, Reaping Walcott's Bounty, 9
  • Rocio G. DAVIS, Myths of Childhood in Romesh Gunesekera's Reef, 14
  • M.C. ANDERSEN, The Early Writings of Herman Charles Bosman, 26
  • Ann-Catherine NABHOLZ, Animals in Keri Hule's Te Kaihau/The Windeater, 40
  • Roger I. COULIBALY, L'homme et la nature dans Othello et Out of Africa, 54
  • Philip WHYTE, La thématique du voyage dans This Earth, My Brother, 64
  • Célestin DIABANGOUAYA, Les points de vue narratifs du récit chez Cyprian Ekwensi, 70
  • Dominique HECQ, This Classic Australian Play: The Doll, 79
  • Geneviève LAIGLE, We Were the Rats and Twenty Thousand Thieves: Fictionalizing an Episode of Australian History, 87
  • Olusegin ADEKOYA, Folklore and the Primacy of National Liberation in Village Voices, 100
  • Sonia LACABANNE, Postcolonial Fiji: Subramani's Viewpoint in Altering Imagination, 111

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