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16.1 (Autumn 1993): Prizes and the New Literatures in English


Prizes and the New Literatures in English

  • Paula Burnett, "Hegemony or Pluralism? The Literary Prize and the Post-Colonial Project in the Caribbean", 1
  • Ezenwa Ohaeto, "Reflections and Reactions: Literature and Wole Soyinka's Nobel Prize in Nigeria", 21
  • Etienne Galle, "Wole Soyinka, le Tout et le Rien", 28
  • Xavier Pons, "'And the winner is…': Literary Prizes in Australia", 38
  • Brigitte Hervoche, "Lire ou ne pas lire Kipling: 'Bienfaiteur de l'humanité'", 46
  • Michel Pousse, "R. K. Narayan: Confronting the Man and his Manuscripts", 49
  • Richard Lane, "Anti-Panoptic Narrative Structures in Two Novels by Margaret Atwood", 63
  • Abder-Rahim Abu-Swailem, "The Agony of Rita Joe in George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe", 70
  • Genevière Laigle, "The Reality of Illusion and the Illusion of Reality", 77
  • Chinere Grace Okafor, "A Comparative Study of J. P. CLark's The Masquerade and Efua Sutherland's Foriwa", 89
  • "South African Writers and the Problem of Language", 96
  • "Peter Horn: Introducing a South African Poet", 104
  • "Sandile Dikeni: Introducing a South African Poet", 114


  • Carol and Jean-Pierre-Durix, An Introduction ot the New Literatures in English, 122
  • A. Riach and M. Williams, eds., The Radical Imagination, 124
  • R. Terada, Derek Walcott's Poetry: American Mimicry, 125


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