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33.2 (Spring 2011): Janet Frame: Short Fiction


  • Marta DVORAK, Foreword, 5
  • Marta DVORAK and Christine LORRE, Introduction, 6
'The subject of words'
  • Marc DELREZ, The Literal and the Metaphoric: Paradoxes of Figuration in the Work of Janet Frame, 10
  • Jean ANDERSON and Nadine RIBAULT, Why Two Heads are Sometimes Better than One: Collaborative Translation of Janet Frame's The Lagoon and Other Stories, 21
  • W.H. New, S(words)tories, 33
'External landscapes and geographies of the mind'
  • Allan WEISS, The Form and Function of the Modern Fable in Janet Frame's Short Stories, 43
  • Lydia WEVERS, "A girl who is not me," 56
  • Mark WILLIAMS, "Tending the ovens": Janet Frame's Politics of Language, 66
  • John THIEME, "Making chalk marks on water": Time and the Sea in Janet Frame's Faces in the Water and "The Lagoon," 78
The 'watching self'
  • Christine LORRE, Secrets in The Lagoon and Other Stories, 87
  • Simone OETTLI, Janet Frame's Conceptualization of the Writing Process: From The Lagoon to Mirror City, 98
  • Cindy GABRIELLE, Fences of Being: The Child in the World in Janet Frame's "A Note on the Russian War," "Prizes" and "Royal Icing," 110
'(Inter/meta)textuality and the ontology of authorship'
  • Janet WILSON, The Lagoon and Other Stories: Storytelling, Metafiction and the Framean Text, 124
  • Marta DVORAK, Frame-breaking: "neither separate nor complete nor very important," 137


  • Peter MARSDEN, Frameworks: Contemporary Criticism on Janet Frame. Ed. Jan Cronin and Simone Drichel, 150
  • Marc DELREZ, Dear Charles Dear Janet: Frame and Brasch in Correspondence. Ed. Pamela Gordon and Denis Harold, 152
  • Christine LORRE, The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield. Vol. 5, 1922-1923. Ed. Vincent O'Sullivan and Margaret Scott, 154
  • Jean ANDERSON, Reading Pakeha? Fiction and Identity in Aotearoa New Zealand. By Christina Stachurski, 155

  • The Writing of The Lagoon Stories, by Pamela Gordon, Literary Executor, Janet Frame Literary Trust, 159

mise à jour le 19 mai 2011

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