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18.1 (Autumn 1995): National Identities in the New Literatures in English

Editor: Jean-Pierre Durix


National Identities in the New Literatures in English

  • Florence D'Souza-Deleury, "To Be or not to Be in Prafulla Mohanti's Writings", 4
  • A. L. McLeod, "The Search for Personal Identity in Nigel Thomas' Spirits in the Dark", 13
  • Marta Dvorak, "Yes, but is it Literature?" 22
  • Marc Rolland, "'If there be an Elysium on Earth…' Delhi as seen by British Residents and Urdu Poets", 31
  • Vicki Briault Manus, "The Colonialist Subject in 'The Narrative of Jacobus Coetzee' by J. M. Coetzee", 42
  • Cynthia Carey Abrioux, "In the Name of the Nation: Salman Rushdie's Shame", 48
  • Benaouda Lebdai, "Armah and Ouologuem: Historical, Cultural and National Perspectives", 56
  • Bernth Lindfors, "Ayi Kwei Armah's Achimota Writings", 62
  • Sue Kossew, "Writing in the 'New' South Africa: An Interview with André Brink", 73
  • Geneviève Laigle, "Approaching Prayer, Knowledge, One Another: David Malouf's Remembering Babylon', 78
The Caribbean
  • Stephen Casmier, "Representation, Reproduction, Repetition and Seeing Yourself in Naipaul's A House for Mr. Biaswas and The Enigma of Arrival", 92
  • Wolfgang Binder, "An Interview with Olive Senior", 106

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