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31.1 (Autumn 2008): Resurgence



  • Marta DVORAK, Foreword, 3
  • Christine LORRE, Introduction, 4
Signs of resurgence
  • Catherine LANONE & Claire OMHOVÈRE, Mourning / Mocking Browning: The Resurgence of a Romantic Aesthetics in Jane Urquhart's The Whirlpool (1986), 8
  • Marta DVORAK, Resurgences of the Extra-Textual and Metatextual in Jane Urquhart's The Stone Carvers, 22
  • Corinne BIGOT, "And now another story surfaced": Re-Emerging Voices, Stories and Secrets in Alice Munro's "Family Furnishings", 28
History, Resurgence, Metamorphosis
  • Kerry-Jane WALLART, Einstein, Evelyn Waugh and the Wapisiana Indians: Ventriloquism and Eclipses in Pauline Melville's The Ventriloquist's Tale, 36
  • Richard SAMIN, Nongqawuse Resurrected: Legend and History in Zades Mda's The Heart of Redness, 48
  • Fiona McCANN, "The past a repast": Past and Present in Butterfly Burning and The Stone Virgins by Yvonne Vera, 59
Resurgence in artistic creation
  • Sandra SAAYMAN, The Resurgence of Prison Imagery in Breyten Breytenbach's A Veil of Footsteps, 69
  • Mélanie JOSEPH-VILAIN, The Hangman's Game: Karen King-Aribisala's "Diary of Creation", 80
  • Patricia DONATIEN-YSSA, Resurgence and Creative Resistance in Shani Mootoo's Cereus Blooms at Night, 93
  • Kathleen GYSSELS, Scarlet Ibises and the Poetics of Relation: Perse, Walcott and Glissant, 103
  • Andrew MONNICKENDAM, Global Fragments: (Dis)Orientation in the New World Order. Ed. by Anke Bartels and Dirk Wiemann, 117
  • Daria TUNCA, Translating and Publishing African Language(s) and Literature(s): Examples from Nigeria, Ghana and Germany. By Tomi Adeaga, 119
  • Theo D'HAEN, Postcolonial Postmortems: Crime Fiction from a Transcultural Perspective. Ed. by Chrisitne Matzke and Susanne Mühleisen, 121
  • Timothy WEISS, Critics and Writers Speak: Revisioning Post-Cultural Studies. Ed. Igor Maver, 123

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