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27.1 (Autumn 2004) : Heritage



Editor : Jean-Pierre Durix


  • Sue RYAN-FAZILLEAU, Preface, 7
  • Philip WHYTE, Heritage as Nightmare: The Novels of Abdulrazak Gurnah, 11
  • Vicki BRIAULT-MANUS, My Golgotha a Chickenyard: The Cultural Heritage of Dambudzo Marechera, 19
  • Mélanie JOSEPH-VILAIN, André Brink and the Afrikaner Heritage, 27
  • Geetha GANAPATHY-DORÉ, Autobiography as Legacy: Leila Seth's On Balance, 39
  • Nelly GILLET, "The White Link in the Tongan Heritage": The Unusual Case of Patricia Ledyard, 51
  • Colette SELLES, Heritage in Peter Carey's Jack Maggs, 63
  • Sue RYAN-FAZILLEAU, The Adman Who Wanted to Compile a Cultural Heritage: Peter Carey's Bliss, 77
  • Helen E. MUNDLER, Heritage, Pseudo-Heritage and Survival in a Spurious Wor(l)d: Oryx and Crate by Margaret Atwood, 89
  • Xavier PONS, Reconciling Words and Things: Language Allegories in David Malouf's Remembering Babylon, 99


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