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35.2 (Spring 2013): Ben Okri

Editor: Claire Omhovère
Guest editor: Fiona McCann


Ben Okri

  • Fiona McCann, introduction, 5
  • Philip Whyte, "Ben Okri's The Famished Road in the Context of Post-War West African Literature in English", 9
  • Douglas McCabe, "New Age Spirituality, Abiku and Hunger in The Famished Road", 21
  • Christopher Ringrose, "'The Mind Develops Wings': The Famished Road", 33
  • Elizabeth Syrkin, "Restoring the Kingdom of the Mind: Trans-realism and Transgressing Aesthetic Boundaries in Ben Okri's Fiction", 45
  • Catherine Lanone, "Parasites, or the Politics of Textual Poetics in Ben Okri's The Famished Road", 57
  • Mélanie Joseph-Vilain, "The Famished Road: Ben Okri's Family Romance?", 67
  • Vanessa Guignery, "A Voice Without a Name: Choruses and Storytellers in Ben Okri's The Famished Road", 79
  • Kerry-Jane Wallart, "Unstable Narrative Voices and the Irrelevance of Fiction in The Famished Road", 91
  • Kathie Birat, "The Liberty of Limitations: The Paradoxes of Narration in Ben Okri's The Famished Road", 101


  • Kerry-Jane Wallart, Caryl Philips, Writing in the Key of Life, ed. by Bénédicte Ledent and Daria Tunca, 111
  • Kerry Bystrom, The Splintered Glass: Facets of Trauma in the Post-Colony and Beyond, ed. by Dolores Herrero and Sonia Baelo-Allué, 113
  • Mathilde Rogez, Postcolonial Literature and the Impact of Literacy, Reading and Writing in African and Caribbean Fiction, by Neil ten Kortenaar, 115
  • John Thieme, Crosstalk: Canadian and Global Imaginaries in Dialogue, ed. by Diana Brydon and Marta Dvorak, 117

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