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39.1 (Autumn 2016): Post-conflict Territories: Representations and Reconfigurations

Editor: Claire Omhovère
Guest editor: Fiona McCann

Post-conflict Territories: Representations and Reconfigurations

  • Fiona McCann, introduction, 5
  • Angelo Monaco, "Territorial Conflicts in the Contemporary Indian Novel in English", 11
  • Sreyoshi Sarkar, "Shalimar the Clown and the Politics of "Worlding" the Kashmir Conflict", 23
  • Nandata Dutta, "Subaltern Geoaesthetics in Amitav Ghosh's The Hungry Tide", 35
  • Sabine Lauret-Taft, "'We Live in a State of Terror': Transcending Territorial Violence in Romesh Gunesekera's Heaven's Edge", 47
  • Claire Gallien, "Minding (About) the Gazan Border in Contemporary Palestinian Literature", 57
  • Anne Duflos, "Dealing with 'the Spores of the Past': Masculinities and Liminality in David Park's The Truth Commissioner", 69
  • Virginie Girel-Pietka, "Renewing Cuchulainn as a National Icon", 79
  • Fiona McCann, "Prisons inside Prisons: Post-conflict Life Narrative in A Tragedy of Lives (Chiedza Musengezi and Irene Staunton, eds.) and The Book of Memory (Petina Gappah), 91
  • Bhawana Jain, "Multicultural Conviviality, Diasporic Tension and Local Spaces in White Teeth", 101
  • Pascale Guibert, "'Common Place: Common-Place": A Presentation of Édouard Glissant's Poetics of the Compounding of Places (Part 2)", 113


  • Corinne Bigot, The Cambridge Companion to Alice Munro, ed. by David Staines, 127
  • Alison Calder, Shaping the World Already Made: Landscape and Poetry of the Canadian Prairies, by Carl J. Tracie, 129
  • Jane Stafford, Literary Land Claims: The 'Indian Land Question' from Pontiac's War to Attawapiskat, by Margery Fee, 131
  • Kerry-Jane Wallart, The Cambridge Companion to the Postcolonial Novel, by Ato Quayson, 133

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