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10.1 (Autumn 1987): Myth in the New Literatures in English


Myth in the New Literatures in English

  • Diana Brydon, "The Myths that Write Us: Decolonising the Mind", 1
  • John Thieme, "Acknowledging Myths: The Image of Europe in Margaret Laurence's The Diviners and Jack Hodgins' The Invention of the World", 15
  • Eliane Saint-André Utidjian, "Aspects of Myth in Two Ghanaian Novels", 22
  • Alain Séverac, "Soyinka's Tragedies: From Ritual to Drama", 26
  • Rosemary Gray, "Sheila Fugard's The Castaways: Myth and Psychic Survival", 41
  • Maurice Abiteboul, "Civilisation et régression dans L'Empereur Jones d'Eugene O'Neill et Vacances d'été de Francis Ebejer: le progrès est-il un mythe?", 49
  • Maryvonne Nedeljkovic, "Traditions and Contemporary Black Australia", 57


  • André Dommergues, "Traditions and Dream in David Malouf's An Imaginary Life", 61
  • Nelson Wattie, "Ballad and Lyric in Australian Poetry", 68

The Caribbean

  • Russell McDougall, "Wilson Harris and the Art of Carnival Revolution", 77
  • Jean Sévry, "A House for Mr Biswas: combien de romans?", 91


  • Wole Ogundele, "Orpheus in the City: A Study of the Urban Phase of Contemporary Black Poetry in South Africa", 98
  • Ayo Mamudu, "Okara's Poetic Landscape", 111
  • Chimalum Nwanko, "Ngugi's Devil on the Cross: A Feminization of Chaos", 119


  • W. H. New, Dreams of Speech and Violence: The Art of the Short Story in Canada and New Zealand, 123
  • S. E. Drake, Wilson Harris and the Modern Tradition: A New Architecture of the World, 124

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