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32.2 (Spring 2010): Mutations



  • Marta DVORAK, Foreword, 3
  • Lourdes LOPEZ-ROPERO, Homage and Revision: Zadie Smith's Use of E.M. Forster in On Beauty, 7
  • Kevin FRANK, Censuring the Praise of Alienation: Interstices of Ante-Alienation in Achebe's Things Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease, and Arrow of God, 21
  • Maik NWOSU, A Poetics of Laughter: Characterizing the African Comic Novel, 35
  • Nathanael O'REILLY, Environmental Degradation, Indigenous Displacement, and Non-Indigenous Belonging: Suburbia in Tim Winton's "Aquifer" and Liam Davison's "Neary's Horse", 47
  • Mike GRIMSHAW, "My Name Was Christian": C.K. Stead, Religion, Culture, and National Identity, 61
  • Anne LE GUELLEC, Strategies of Colour, Mysticism of Form in Anita Desai's In Custody, 75
  • Omar SOUGOU, Rethinking Androcentric Representation of Women in African Literature, 87
  • Mathilde ROGEZ, "I Am Making a Start; or, If Not That, Making a Gesture": An Attempt to Read J.M. Coetzee's Aesthetics of Tentativeness, 99
  • Kola EKE, Wordsworth and Nigerian Poetry: Niyi Osundare as a Case in Point, 111


  • Saskia SCHABIO, Readings of the Particular. The Postcolonial in the Postnational. Ed. Anne Holden Ronning and Lene Johannessen, 123
  • Peter MARSDEN, The Ship of Dreams: Masculinity in Contemporary New Zealand Fiction. By Alistair Fox, 125


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