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12.1 (Autumn 1989): Liberty/Liberties



  • Jacqueline Bardolph, "Language is Courage: The Satanic Verses", 1
  • Silvia Albertazzi, "In the Skin of a Whale: Salman Rushdie's Responsibility for the Story", 11
  • Stéphane Tyssen, "Midnight's Children or the Ambiguity of Impotence", 19
  • Michel Pousse, "So Many Freedoms", 30
  • Coral Ann Howells, "Free-Dom, Telling, Dignidad: Margaret Laurence, 'A Gourdul of Glory', Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale, Sarah Murphy, The Measure of Miranda", 39
  • Marcienne Rocard, "Le personnage féminin en cavale dans No Fixed Address: An Amorous Journey d'Aritha Van Herk", 47
  • Michèle Kaltemback, "A Man Locked up in a Freezer: A Reading of Leon Rooke's Story 'The Blue Baby'", 54
  • Annie Escuret, "Marian Engel: The Tattoed Woman", 60
  • Lourdes Divasson, "Hubert Aquin: A Cry for Liberty", 69
  • Susan Ballyn, "Survival and Exile in Maria Lewitt's Come Spring and No Snow in December", 73

  • John Tittensor, "Jack Hibberd and Australian Popular Theatre", 81


  • C. G. Okafor, "Of Spooks and Virile Men: Patterns of Response to Imperialism in Sizwe Bansi is Dead and The Trial of Dedan Kimathi", 87
  • J. O. J. Nwachukwu-Agbada, "Okot p'Bitek and the Story of Paradox", 95
  • Aderemi Bamikunle, "Nigerian Political Culture in Osofisan's Minted Coins", 107
  • Albert Gérard, "La Genèse de l'écrit en Afrique anglophone : priorité à l'essai", 117

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