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11.1 (Autumn 1988): Reciprocal Images of Britain and the Commonwealth


Reciprocal Images of Britain and the Commonwealth

  • Graham Huggan, "Anxieties of Influence: Conrad in the Caribbean", 1
  • Katharine Brisbane, "The Battler, the Larrikin and the Ocker", 13
  • Rudolph Bader, "'Eiconics and Comparative Literature Imagology': A Discussion of the Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Aspects of an Imagological Approach to the Australian Context", 22
  • Ann Piroëlle, "A Mutual Gift of Love: Forster and India", 32
  • Stephen Gray: "'Doubly Involved and Doubly Detached': William Plomer's Creative Use of the Colonial-Motherland Bond", 46
  • Paola Splendore, "J. M. Coetzee's Foe: Intertextual and Metafictional Resonanaces", 55
  • Jean-Yves Monnier, "Myth and Reality: Graham Greene's View of Africa in Journey Without Maps", 61
  • Tim Bascom, "The Black African and the 'White Man's God' in Thing Fall Apart: Cultural Repression or Liberation?", 70
  • Angela Smith, "The Mouth with Which to Tell of Their Suffering: The Role of Narrator and Reader in Achebe's Things Fall Apart", 77
  • Michel Naumann, "La réception critique de l'oeuvre de Chinua Achebe", 91


  • Ezenwa-Ohaeto, "The Human Angle: National Consciousness in Jared Angira's Poetry in Cascades", 100

The Caribbean

  • Hélène Rozenberg-Zoltowska, "The Image of the Jew in The Mimic Men by V. S. Naipaul: Reciprocal Inherent Negation", 107


  • Jean-Pierre Durix, The Writer Written: The Artist and Creation in the New Literatures in English, 114
  • Hedwig Bock and Albert Wertheim, eds., Essays in Contemporary Post-Colonial Fiction, 115
  • Fay Zwicky, The Lyre in the Pawnshop: Essays on Literature and Survival", Coup de théâtre n°7, "Australie, cinéma, théâtre", 119
  • Norman Simms, Silence and Invisibility: A Study of the Literatures of the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, 120

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