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7.2 (Spring 1985): Images of the Artist in the New Literatures in English


Images of the Artist in the New Literatures in English


  • André Dommergues, "Rabindranath Tagore's Aesthetics", 1


  • Charlotte Duparc, "Images of the Artist in The Vivisector by Patrick White", 11
  • Maryanne Dever, "Artist and Nationality in G. Johnston's Trilogy", 19
  • Maryvonne Nedeljkovic, "The Early Artist in Australia: a Pictorial Account of Life Lived", 31
  • Kevin Green, "David Ireland and the Predicament of the Australian Writer", 39

New Zealand

  • Tia Barrett, "Hone Tuwhare, the Carver Poet", 48


  • Anne Fuchs, "The Theatre, the Artist and Soweto", 55
  • André Viola, "André Brink and the Writer in a State of Siege", 64
  • Rowland Smith, "Autobiography in Black and White: South African Views of the Past", 72
  • Afam Ebeogu, "Enter the Iconoclast: Buchi Emecheta and the Igbo Culture", 83

Derek Walcott

  • Robert Hamner, "Exorcising the Planter-Devil in the Plays of Derek Walcott", 95
  • John J. Figueroa, "In a Green Night", 103


  • John Colmer, Patrick White, 119
  • Karin Hansson, A Study of Imagery and Structure in Seven Novels by Patrick White, 119
  • Michel Fabre, La Rive Noire, 120
  • Vibeke Stenderup, Pacific Islands Creative Writing, 121

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