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21.2 (Spring 1999): Interspaces


  • Derek WRIGHT, Pre- and Post-Modernity in Recent West African Fiction, 5
  • Charles BOTUNDE, Political Forces and Socio-Aesthetic Phenomena in Niyi Osundare's Waiting Laughters, 19
  • Bénédicte LEDENT, From a New-World Poetics to a New-World Vision: African America in the Works of Édouard Glissant and Caryl Phillips, 29
  • Pierre FRANÇOIS, Incest and the Ontology of Memory in Pauline Melville's The Ventriloquist's Tale, 37
  • Colette MAXIMIN, Distinction and Dialogism in Jamaica: Myal by Erna Brodber, 49
  • Abder-Rahim ABU-SWAILEM, The Dance of Memory: An Analysis of George Ryga's Play The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, 63
  • Richard J. LANE, The Dangers of "Dumb Talk": Eurocentric Translations of the Potlatch, 75
  • R.W. McCONCHIE, Privileged and Displaced Persons: Henry Lawson n Sherlock Holmes's England, 83
  • Igor MAVER, Tim Winton's "European" Novel The Riders, 101

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