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29.2 (Spring 2007): Antipodes

Editor: Marta Dvorak


  • Marta Dvorak, Foreword, 5
  • Joel Gwynne, "Inertia Creeps: Hesitancy in Janet Frame's Short Fiction," 7
  • Claire Bazin, "Janet Frame: 'Keel and Kool' or Autobiogra/fiction," 19
  • Melissa Reimer, "Her Father's Daughter? Katherine Mansfield's Lists," 29
  • Lamia Tayeb, "'The Final Frontier': Exploring Language and Consciousness in David Malouf's An Imaginary Life," 43
  • Eileen Williams-Wanquet, "Lindsey Collen's The Rape of Sita: Re-writing as Ethics," 55
  • Bénédicte Ledent, "Family and Identity in Caryl Phillips's Fiction, in Particular A Distant Shore," 67
  • Oyeniyi Okunoye, "Niyi Osundare and the Marginalised Majority in Songs of the Season," 75
  • Lisa Combrink and Rosemary Gray, "Re-(W)riting the Nation: Will the Real Winnie Mandela and Robert McBride Please Stand Up?" 87
  • T. Samson, "What is CLS and Why Do They Say Such Terrible Things About It?" 99
  • Benaouda Lebdai, "An Interview with Gambian Writer Lenrie Peters," 113


  • Mark Williams, Theory and Practice of the Short Story: Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific. Ed. Angelo Righetti, 119
  • Igo Maver, The Politics and Poetics of Passage in Canadian and Australian Culture and Fiction. Ed. Charlotte Sturgess, 121
  • Claire Omhovère, White Civility: The Literary Project of English Canada. By Daniel Coleman, 123

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