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37.2 (Spring 2015): Alice Munro: Writing for Dear Life

Editor: Claire Omhovère
Guest editor: Corinne Bigot

Alice Munro: Writing for Dear Life

  • Corinne Bigot, introduction, 5
  • W. H. New, "A Note on Utrecht Allegory", 11
  • Corinne Bigot, "Forsaken Objects, Haunted Houses, Female Bodies, and 'the squalor of tragedy in ordinary life': Reading Dance of the Happy Shades with Later Stories", 15
  • Eleonora Rao, "'Home' and the Narrative of an Impossible Nostos", 27
  • Lucile Rouet-Bentley, "'I meant the risk. The secrecy. The power.': When Secrets Become Weapons in 'Before the Change' by Alice Munro", 35
  • Lynn Blin, "Sweet Disonnance in Alice Munro's 'The Progress of Love,' 'Friend of My Youth,' and 'Free Radicals", 45
  • Isla Duncan, "'A Cavity Everywhere': The Postponement of Knowing in 'Corrie'", 57
  • Miroslawa Buchholtz, "Alice Munro's Legacy: The 'Finale' of Dear Life", 69
  • Christine Bertin, "Of Wounds and Cracks and Pits: A Reading of Dear Life", 79
  • Interview by Eleanor Wachtel, Writers & Company, 89


  • Charles Forsdick, Le postcolonial comparé: anglophonie, francophonie, ed. by Claire Joubert, 105
  • Claire Gallien, Rhetorics of Belonging: Nation, Narration, and Israel/Palestine, by Anna Bernard, 109
  • Christophe Lebold, Listening Up, Writing Down and Looking Beyond: Opening the Door to Transdisciplinary, Multimodal Communication, ed. by Susan Gingell and Wendy Roy, 113
  • Christine Lorre-Johnston, Critical Insights: Alice Munro, ed. by Charles May, 117

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