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29.1 (Autumn 2006): Strange / Stranger

  • Philip WHYTE, Preface
  • Cécile LÉONARD, What Remains Foreign in World Literature? The Tale of Two Anthologies of Indian Literature
  • Hedi BEN ABBES, The Shapeless Self in Salman Rushdie's Works
  • Geetha GANAPATHY-DORÉ, Espousing the Strange and the Familiar: Vikram Seth's Two Lives
  • Nelly GILLET, Foreigners at Home: Female Characters in Chandani Lokugé's Turtle Nest and Punyakante Wijenaike's Giraya
  • Xavier PONS, Sex Encounters of the Strange Kind: Forms of Postcolonial Discourse in Some Australian Novels
  • Richard SAMIN, The Myth of Adamastor: The Ambivalent Metaphor of Otherness in South African Literature
  • Marie MONTOUT, The Problematic Location of the Text in Nalo Hopkinson's Riding the Red and Red Rider,
  • Suhasini VINCENT-PRABAKAR, Hybridity, Strangeness and Foreignness in Suniti Namjoshi's Fabulist Imagination
  • Charlotte STURGESS, Writing the Outsider Within: Interned Language in Kerri Sakamoto's The Electrical Field,
  • Estelle CASTRO, Crossing and Pushing Boundaries of Strangeness in Contemporary Aboriginal Poetry
  • Kerry-Jane WALLART, Derek Walcott's Another Life, or Writing the Self into a Distance

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