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15.1 (Autumn 1992): The Child and the New Literatures in English


The Child

  • Jean Sévry, "Rider Haggard: A Literature for Children, or a Childish Africa?", 1
  • Michael Newton, "Kipling and the Savage Child", 12
  • Cynthia Abrioux, "A Slow Alienation: Nirad Chaudhuri's Bengali Childhood in The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian", 20
  •  Etienne Galle, "The Probable Young African Hero", 29
  • Michel Naumann, "Coetzee's Children of the Earth and Language", 36
  • André Viola, "Children of Soweto: Lindiwe Mabuza's Short Story 'Wake'", 39
  • Jacqueline Bardolph, "Azaro, Saleem and Askar: Brothers in Allegory", 45
  • Michel Pousse, "The Chaotic World of Children in Lamming's In the Castle of My Skin and Naipaul's The Mimic Men", 52
  • Thorunn Lonsdale, "The Female Child in the Fiction of Jean Rhys", 61
  • Mary Condé, "Unlikely Stories: Children's Invented Worlds in Caribbean Women's Fiction", 69
  • Judith Misrahi, "Geoffrey Drayton's Christopher, or the Looking Child", 76
  • Héliane Ventura, "Alice Munro's 'Boys and Girls': Mapping Out Boundaries", 80


  • David Coad,"Patrick White's Castrated Country", 88


  • Eliane Saint-André Utudjian, "Two Nigerian Female Dramatists", 96


  • Colin Roderick, Henry Lawson: A Life, 102
  • Jane Wilkinson, Talking with African Writers, 102
  • Terry Sturm, ed., The Oxford History of New Zealand Literature in English, 105
  • Georges-Goulven Le Cam, Mythe et stratégie identitaire chez les Maoris de Nouvelle-Zélande, 110
  • Jacqueline Bardolph, Ngugi wa Tiong'o : l'homme et l'oeuvre, 112

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