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6.1 (Autumn 1983): V.S. Naipaul


V. S. Naipaul: A House for Mr Biswas

  • Bruce King, "Anand's Recherche du Temps Perdu", 1
  • Anthony Boxill, "Nothing Will Come Out of Nothing: A House for Mr Biswas", 19
  • Pierre Besses, "Aliénation et identité dans A House for Mr Biswas", 30
  • Philip Langran, "An Unlucky Child, Superstition and Mr Biswas", 37
  • André Dommergues, "Les modes de l'espace dans A House for Mr Biswas", 51

V. S. Naipaul: Other Works

  • Victor Ramraj, "Sly Compassion: V. S. Naipaul's Ambivalence in 'A Christmas Story'", 61
  • John Thieme, "Surviving 'the Mingling of Peoples': V. S. Naipaul's A Bend in the River", 83
  • Michel Lemosse, "The Perception of Time in A Bend in the River", 83
  • Sudhakar R. Jamkhandi, "Travelling with V. S. Naipaul", 93


  • Jacqueline Bardolf and Jean-Pierre Durix, "An Interview with Ngugi wa Thiong's", 98


  • Michel Fabre, "Words and Writing in the Novels of David Ireland", 107


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