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37.1 (Autumn 2014): Crossings

Editor: Claire Omhovère
Guest editor: Françoise Kral



  • Françoise Kral, introduction, 5
  • Xavier Pons, "'On the Threshold of Change': Liminality and Marginality in Steven Carroll's Fiction", 11
  • Corinne Bigot, "The Wonders of the Transatlantic Journey: Alice Munro's 'The View from Castle Rock'", 25
  • André Dodeman, "Crossing Oceans and Stories: Yann Martel's Life of Pi and the Survival Narrative", 35
  • Kathie Birat, "Artistic Performance and the Crossing of Boundaries in Caryl Phillips's Dancing in the Dark", 45
  • Mathilde Rogez, "Portrait of the Writer as a Flâneur in Johannesburg? A Study of Ivan Vladislavic's Work", 57
  • Fiona McCann "Uncommonly Other in Belfast, London and Harare: AlieNation in Robert McLiam Wilson's Ripley Bogle and Brian Chikwava's Harare North", 67
  • Sneharika Roy,"Shining in 'Paradoxical Splendor': The Staging of the 'difficult Relation' in Faulkner's Sagas as a Prefiguration of Postcolonial Epic", 79
  • Laura Singeot, "An Odyssey into the 'Black Pacific': A Reassessment of Mudrooroo's The Undying", 89
  • Anne-Sophie Letissier, "Intermedial Transpositions: The Visible and the Visual in Jane Urquhart's Changing Heaven", 101


  • Jaine Chemmachery, Modernist Literature and Postcolonial Studies, by Rajeev S. Patke, 111
  • Sabine Lauret, Salman Rushdie in the Cultural Marketplace, by Ana Cristina Mendes, 113
  • Anne-Florence Quaireau, Home Ground and Foreign Territory: Essays on Early Canadian Literature, ed. by Janice Fiamengo, 115

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