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14.1 (Autumn 1991): New Modes of Writing in the New Literatures in English


New Modes of Writing in the New Literatures

  • Xavier Pons, "Australia Takes on the World: Identity and Representation in Murray Bail's Homesickness", 1
  • Priscilla Walton, "'this isn't a fairy tale… It's mythology': The Colonial Perspective in Famous Last Words", 9
  • Etienne Galle, "Indigenous Embedments in Europhone African Literature", 16
  • Cynthia Abrioux, "The Use of the Fable in Modern Pakistani Fiction: A Study of The Murder of Aziz Khan by Zulfikar Ghose", 21
  • Louis James, "Shadow Lines: Cross Cultural Perspectives in the Fiction of Amitav Ghosh", 28
  • Sue Ryan, "Metafiction in Illywhacker, Peter Carey's Renovated Picaresque Novel", 33
  • Michèle Kaltemback, "Leon Rooke's Distinctive Mode of Writing in A Good Baby", 41
  • Riemke Ensing, "Janet Frame: Talking Treasure", 47
  • Alain Séverac, "Beyond Identity: Bessie Head's Spiritual Quest in Maru", 58
  • David Coad, "Patrick White's Libidinous Eudoxical Lexis in The Twyborn Affair", 65
  • Eliane Utudjian Saint-André, "New Modes of Writing in West African Drama: Prison Plays from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria", 70
  • Anne Fuchs, "Manipulating Puppets in the New South African Theatre", 78
  • Geoffrey Davis, "Repainting the Damaged Canvas": The Theatre of Matsemela Manaka", 84


  • Susan Ballyn, "John Shaw Neilson's Concept of Love", 97
  • Geneviève Laigle, "The White World and its Relationship with the Aborigines in Keneally's Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith", 102
  • Paul Sharrad, "Pastoral, Romance and Post-colonial Consciousness: Spenser and Koch", 111


  • Jeanne Delbaere, ed., Multiple Voices, Recent Canadian Fiction, 123
  • Mark Williams, Leaving the Highway: Six Contemporary New Zealand Novelists, 125

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