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22.1 (Autumn 1999): Beginnings


Editor: Jean-Pierre Durix

  • Dominique DUBOIS, Preface, 7
  • Guillaume CINGAL, Birth and Origin in Breyten Breytenbach's Memory of Snow and of Dust, 9
  • Sheila COLLINGWOOD-WHITTICK, Writing by Numbers: Metafictional Musings on the Creative Process in In the Heart of the Country, 15
  • Marta DVORAK, Writing Beyond the Beginning, or, Margaret Atwood's Art of Storytelling, 29
  • Richard SAMIN, Sol Plaatje's Mhudi and the Emergence of Black Political Fiction in South Africa, 37
  • Benaouda LEBDAI, Zimbabwe and Nozipo Maraire's Beginnings, 47
  • Alan L. McLeod, Sylvia Brooke, Ranee of Sarawak Pioneer Malaysian Feminist Writer, 55
  • Sonia LACABANNE, When Two Systems of Colonisation Collide, 65
  • Geetha GANAPATHY-DORÉ, A Dawnlight Raag: Amit Chaudhuri's Freedom Song, 73
  • Dominique DUBOIS, In Search of a New Beginning for the New World in Witchbroom by Lawrence Scott, 81
  • Judith MISRAHI-BARAK, Beginner's Luck among Caribbean-Canadian Writers: Nalo Hopkinson, André Alexis and Shani Mootoo, 89
  • Rocio DAVIS, On Writing and Multiculturalism: An Interview with Joy Kogawa, 97



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