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36.1 (Autumn 2013): Naming / Labelling / Adressing

Editor: Claire Omhovère
Guest editor: Charlotte Sturgess


Naming / Labelling / Addressing

  • Charlotte Sturgess, introduction, 5
  • Sheila Collingwood-Whittick, "Discursive Manipulations of Names and Naming in Kate Grenville's The Secret River", 9
  • Salhia Ben-Messahel, "Colonial Desire and the Renaming of History in Richard Flannagan's Wanting", 21
  • Myriam Moïse, "Transcending Normative Labels in Diasporic Women's Literature: From Stable Identities to Limbo Subjectivities", 33
  • David Bousquet, "'Dis Poem Shall Call Names Names': Naming in Reggae Culture, the Example of Dub Poetry", 45
  • Katie Birat, "'Creative Biography': Fiction and Non-fiction in Caryl Phillips's Foreigners: Three English Lives", 57
  • Astrid Lohöfer, "'Let Us Give New Names to the Stars': F. R. Scott, Dorothy Livesay, and the Power of Poetry to Move Beyond Labels", 69
  • Corinne Bigot, "'None of Us Escaped the Naming': Reclaiming Identities and Space in Joy Kogawa's Obasan", 81
  • Françoise Kräl, "Mis-naming and Mis-labelling in The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri", 93


  • Geetha Ganapathy-Doré, States of Emergency, Colonialism, Literature and Law, by Stephen Morton, 103
  • Cécile Girardin, Locating Postcolonial Narration Genres, ed. by Walter Goebel and Saskia Schabio, 105
  • Kerry-Jane Wallart, Critical Identities in Contemporary Anglophone Diasporic Literature, by Françoise Kräl, 109
  • Anne Castaing, Feminist Postcolonial Theory: A Reader, ed. by Reina Lewis and Sara Mills, 111
  • Françoise Kräl, Re/Membering Place, ed. by Catherine Delmas and André Dodeman, 113

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