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39.2 (Spring 2017): Anglo-Arab Literatures

Editor: Claire Omhovère
Guest editor: Claire Gallien

Anglo-Arab Literatures

  • Claire Gallien, "Anglo-Arab Literatures: Enmeshing Forms, Subverting Assignation, Minorizing Language", 5
  • Jumana Bayeh, "Anglophone Arab or Diasporic? The Arab Novel in Australia, Britain, Canada, the United States of America", 13
  • Geoffrey Nash, "Arab Voices in Western Writing: The Politics of the Arabic Novel in English and the Anglophone Arab Novel", 27
  • Sarah Irving, "Love as a Peace Process? Arab-Jewish Love in the Anglophone Palestinian Novels of Naomi Shihab Nye and Samir El-Youseej", 39
  • Nora Parr, "Coherence in a Context of Fragmentation: The Missing Letters in Adania Shibli's Kulluna ba'id bi-dhat al-miqdar 'an al hubb and We Are All Equally Far from Love", 51
  • Tahia Abdel Nasser, "Arab and Latin American Literature: Mourid Barghouti, Najla Said, and Lina Meruane in Palestine", 63
  • Sophia Brown, "Compelled to Narrate: Politics, Cairo and the Common Ground in Ahdaf Soueif's Life Writing", 77
  • Irene Fernandez Ramos, "The Limits of Authenticity and the 'Burden of Representation': Palestinian Theatre on the British Stage", 91
  • Valeria Anishchenkova, "Speaking in Tongues: Arab Autobiographical Discourses of Americanization", 103


  • Salhia Ben-Messahel, Decolonizing the Landscape: Indigenous Cultures in Australia, ed. by Beate Neumeir and Kay Schaffer, 115
  • Sam Coombes, Bourdieu and  Postcolonial Studies, ed. by Raphael Dalleo, 117
  • Cécile Girardin, Combined and Ueven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature, Warwick Research Collective (Sharae Deckard, Nicolas Lawrence, Neil Lazarus, Graeme MacDonald, Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee, Stephen Shapiro, and Benita Parry), 119
  • Christine Lorre-Johnston, What Is a World? On Post-Colonial Literature as World Literature, by Pheng Cheah, 121
  • Claire Omhovère, "With a Roar from Underground": Alice Munro's Dance of the Happy Shades, ed. by Corinne Bigot and Catherine Lanone, 123
  • Armelle Parey, Carol Shields and the Writer-Critic, by Brenda Beckman-Long, 125

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