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Mark Saint-Julien, diplômé de la licence AEG

le 17 février 2014

Mark Saint-Julien est diplômé de la licence AEG (licence Anglais Culture Economique) ACE dans la nouvelle maquette). Il a développé de solides compétences en anglais qui lui ont permis d'occuper plusieurs postes à l'étranger dans l'hôtellerie de luxe. Il poursuit actuellement un MBA in International hospitality Management à l'ESSEC et travaille pour la société ACCOR en parallèle. Il a souhaité nous répondre en anglais.

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I obtained my bachelor degree from the AEG program (now AEC Program) at Sorbonne-nouvelle university in 2011, after a fulfilling student experience. I had the opportunity to strengthen my English skills, and to study both cultural and business-oriented subjects. I then occupied various operational positions in luxury hotels and put in application at the business unit level what I learned  at La Sorbonne. In 2012, I entered the 2-years MBA program in International hospitality management (IMHI) at ESSEC Business School, in Cergy. During that time, I worked part-time as project manager in hotel development for Accor, Europe's largest hotel group.  
My mission in hotel development consisted in expanding the number of Accor hotels in France, through management contracts and franchise contracts, and occasionally through investments in physical assets. It involved macroeconomics and financial accounting aspects, as much as, and investor relations and negotiations. 
My time at Sorbonne-Nouvelle university, during which I studied macroeconomics, accounting, communication and north american business culture greatly contributed to the accomplishments of my goals. I wanted to be exposed to an international context while getting a better understanding of current trends in global markets. 
My goal is to persue a career in hospitality management and to contribute to the development of this fascinating industry. 
I would not hesitate to recommend the AEG program at La Sorbonne-Nouvelle, as a learning process to reinforce skills in languages, to develop interpersonal skills, which are crucial in business, and to discover macroeconomics/microeconomics mechanisms.

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