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Questionnaire pour les étudiants anglophones souhaitant participer à un (Tele)tandem linguistique à la Sorbonne Nouvelle _2020_2021

Tandem Questionnaire - NATIVE-ENGLISH SPEAKERS

All the information you provide below is confidential and every step will be taken to preserve your anonymity. Your detailed answers will help us pair you up with the most suitable team-mate.



English is your mother tongue (or one of your mother tongues) and you want to improve your French :

Family Name:                                      

First Name :

Sex :


phone number:



Length of time you have spent in France or in a French-speaking country
Where and when:
Academic qualifications:

Course(s) taken at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle :

Why would you like to participate in the (Tele) Tandem Sorbonne NouvelleP3 project (be specific)?

Language Skills

You have studied French for :   

List all languages that you speak in order of acquisition (native language first) and the age at which you started learning that language
Language 1:
  Age of exposure:
Language 2:   Age of exposure:
Language 3:   Age of exposure:
Language 4:   Age of  exposure :

Have you ever participated in a conversation exchange ?

On a scale from 0 to 10 (where 0 = no knowledge whatsoever and 10 = native speaker competence), how would you evaluate your level in French in terms of:
Listening comprehension:

Reading comprehension:

Can you hold a conversation in French :

Have you ever taught your mother tongue ?

Specify if necessary:

When learning French you are more interested in :

Organisation of the tandem

Have you also enrolled in the l'UE pro B6AP003 Perfectionnement de l'expression orale en tandem anglais/français  (registration with the Bureau des Enseignements Transversaux)

How regularly would you like to meet up with your tandem partner?

Preferred conversation topics :

Personal interests and hobbies


Requests and suggestions

(E.g. importance of the age, gender, interests of your tandem partner):

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