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ED267 2023/2024 Conférences invitées ED Arts et Médias - UFR Arts et Médias


En 2024,Une conférence de professeur-e-s invité-e-s internationaux(ales) est à nouveau organisée.

 Fictional Games: How to Discuss Games that Do Not Exist   Ricardo Fassone 

Fictional games are games found in works of fiction such as novels, films, or TV series, that were designed specifically as part of those fictional worlds. Games such as Quidditch in the Harry Potter saga or Star Wars' Holochess are not merely additions to already rich universes, but exist as narrative devices that spark the reader or viewer's ludic imagination. In the book "Fictional Games. A Philosophy of Worldbuilding and Imaginary Play" (Bloomsbury, 2022), we have discussed the relevance, uses, and philosophical implications of nesting games within narratives, and have conducted design analyses on a number of fictional games. In this lecture I will present some of the findings of the book and offer a theory of fictional games as unique objects that are relevant to disciplines such as game studies, the philosophy of fiction, and media studies. 
Riccardo Fassone is Associate Professor at the University of Torino, where he teaches History and Theory of Play and Digital Media History. He has worked as a visiting researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology and as a research fellow at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester (NY). He is the author of three books and several chapters and articles on topics such as games and their relation with other media, games and play history, and Italian popular cinema.

La conférence aura lieu en Anglais

20 février 2024 
16h à 18h

salle Athéna

Maison de la Recherche
4, rue des Irlandais 75005 Paris

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