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Rethinking the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion in trade policymaking

du 21 novembre 2019 au 22 novembre 2019

Organisation : Jean-Baptiste Velut, EA 4399 - Center for Research on the English-speaking World (CREW)


The economic populism represented by the votes for Brexit and Donald Trump and the rise of nationalist parties in Europe has rekindled interest in the redistributive consequences of trade liberalization and democratic participation in trade policymaking. This conference considers the broader drivers of exclusion in global trade governance, focusing on the trade politics of inclusion and exclusion in Europe and North America. Gathering international experts on trade policy, this conference will highlight the importance of considering the interplay between redistributive and deliberative drivers of exclusion in producing trade policy contestation. Contributors are invited to consider three key determinants of exclusion in the trade policy sphere: discursive factors; institutional mechanisms and inter-scalar and multi-level dynamics.

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude

mise à jour le 17 septembre 2019