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PRISMES - Langues, Textes, Arts et Cultures du Monde Anglophone - EA 4398
CREW - Center for Research on the English-speaking World - EA 4399

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Hosted by research units PRISMES (UR 4398) and CREW (UR 4399), Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris, France, this project aims to explore the language, representations as well as the individual and collective effects of shame in the English-speaking world. It seeks to bring together scholars from various disciplines across the humanities, such as literature and the arts, language and translation, psychology and psychoanalysis, history, sociology, anthropology, political science and cultural studies. The first meeting of the “Shame” network took place on 4 December 2020. Its aim was to define the scope and methodologies of our collaborative research project, to define our scientific objectives and prospects in terms of publication and other scientific and creative output.

Activités scientifiques

Appel à communications pour le deuxième colloque:

Archives of Shame in the English-Speaking World (3-4 December 2021)


Materialities of Shame in the English-Speaking World: Bodies, Artworks and Objects,  CREW / PRISMES,  Sorbonne Nouvelle, 1-2 December 2023

The Cultural Politics of Shame in the English-Speaking World (4 December 2020)


Shame bibliography [PDF - 90 Ko]

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