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REPORTÉ : Summer Institute Psychoanalysis and Politics

du 22 juin 2020 au 25 juin 2020

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: Isabelle Alfandary


The Summer Institute of Psychoanalysis “Psychoanalysis AND,” a joint venture of Northwestern University and the Sorbonne Nouvelle that was inaugurated in 2017, develops topics at the intersection of psychoanalysis and the human sciences. We are pleased to announce that the 2020 session takes place from June 22 through June 27 in Paris and focuses on the topic of “Psychoanalysis and Politics.” Taught in English, the Institute proposes an intensive week of study for doctoral and postdoctoral students in the humanities from Europe, Israel, Latin America, and USA.

The topic chosen for this year allows participants to interrogate anew the relationship between the discovery of the unconscious and the social and political field. Although centered on the subject, psychoanalysis understood as both theory and practice offers intuitions and ideas that have proven to be consequential beyond the individual. Which is the specific contribution of psychoanalysis to our understanding of the social contract? In what ways is the political field traversed by affects and movements that become more intelligible thanks to psychoanalysis?

This event is adressed to doctoral and postdoctoral students.

These are some of the questions that our team of French and International faculty will address in the following papers:
  • Samuel Weber (Northwestern): “The Freudian ‘I’ as First Responder”
  • Monique David-Ménard (Université Paris-Diderot): “Truth in Politics: Which Detours to the Death Drives”
  • Diana Kamienny (Paris):  “Psychoanalysis as the Other Face of Politics: Ernesto Laclau’s Reading of Jacques Lacan”
  • Axel Nesme (Université Lyon 2): “Political Lacan?”
  • Anne Muxel (CNRS, Science Po, Paris): “Politics Through the Prism of Intimacy”
  • Isabelle Alfandary (Sorbonne Nouvelle/Collège International de Philosophie) and Alessia Ricciardi (Northwestern): “The Politics of Seduction”

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude
Lieu(x) :
Salle Mezzanine
Maison de la Recherche de l'Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
4, rue des Irlandais
75005 Paris

mise à jour le 15 juin 2020


Maison de la Recherche
de l'Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
4 rue des Irlandais
75005 Paris

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