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Les femmes et la curiosité en Angleterre à la période moderne

du 21 juin 2013 au 22 juin 2013


Colloque international

Lieu : Institut du Monde Anglophone, 5 rue de l'Ecole de médecine, Paris 6e
Organisatrices : Line Cottegnies et Sandrine Parageau
EA 4398 - Langues, Textes, Arts et Cultures du Monde Anglophone (PRISMES)
Contact : Line Cottegnies

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Présentation :

The June 2013 conference on “Women and Curiosity” aims at assessing the impact of the alleged “rehabilitation of curiosity” on women in the early modern period, by analysing discourses on women as enquirers and objects of curiosity. Iconographic and fictional representations of curious women and female curiosity might also give an insight into the relations between women and curiosity in the early modern period (for example, Cesare Ripa’s allegory of curiosity as “a huge, wild-haired, winged woman” in Iconologia (1593), or representations of emblematic curious women such as Eve, Dinah, Pandora, etc.). The origins of these discourses and representations, as well as their premises, might also be investigated: to what extent did the condemnation of women’s curiosity reveal a fear of disorder and transgression? Did it betray male anxiety about female sexuality or about the mystery of birth? Was it justified by medical interpretations of curiosity, such as a specific humoural condition? Women’s own conception of curiosity / curiosities in the early modern period might also be of interest, especially as it is rarely studied. The conference on “Women and Curiosity” will thus give us the opportunity to focus on what women themselves wrote about curiosity in their treatises, fictional works, translations, and correspondences. Did women writers consider curiosity as intrinsically female? How did they react to male discourses on women as enquirers and objects of curiosity? What representations of curiosity did they give in their texts?

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude

mise à jour le 14 mai 2013