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Integration Activities for International Students

Since 2019, the International Affairs Office (DAI) has been organising several activities to facilitate international students' integration. These activities are open to both exchange students and students who have chosen to study in France outside of an exchange programme:

Welcome Desk for Incoming International Students

  • In order to meet the expectations of incoming international students, the International Affairs Office has set up a Welcome Desk which welcome you throughout the year on the Sorbonne site and periodically on the Nation Campus.
  • The Welcome Desk is run by a team of multilingual students integrated into the International Affairs Office. It allows international students to be aware and helps to guide them through their administratives procedures and daily life  as soon as they arrive at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, and benefit from a contact point for their first weeks at University.

International Tutoring Programme

International students arriving in a foreign country and in a new university can be faced with difficulties, and will require a period of adaptation. In order to help them integrate into the  University and Parisian life, the International Affairs Office has set up a tutoring programme for incoming international students. By enrolling in this programme, international students will receive  personalised support from a tutor selected by the International Affairs Office, taking into account their mutual level and field of studies, as well as common interests.

Welcome and Integration

Before the start of the academic year, the International Affairs Office organises a Welcome Meeting at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. This event allows students to meet the DAI team and be welcomed by the University’s President in one of the lecture halls of the Nation Campus. At this meeting, students are provided with information to help them settle in Paris, understand how the University operates and carry out their administrative procedures to sign up for their courses and get their timetable.

During the pre-semester week, international students can go on a visit of the Quartier Latin with a member of the DAI  team after the Welcome Meeting, as well as a team treasure hunt in the University to discover the different services and points of interest.


International Activities and Meetings

Throughout the year, the DAI organises events and activities for exchange program students and international students outside exchange programmes

  • Celebration of the European Erasmus Programme during Erasmus Days open to all Sorbonne Nouvelle students, with a treasure hunt in the university and a tombola.
  • Celebration of the Mobility Day with information stands on the Nation Campus and presentations of the different mobility programmes.
  • Mobility Forum on the Nation Campus, where students can meet and share their international experience.
  • Organisation of meet-ups through language games.
  • Thematic film evenings with quiz and screening at the University Movie Theater, in partnership with the association Lost in Frenchlation

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