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Politics, Protest and Young People
Sarah Pickard
Palgrave, 2018.
Civilisation britannique-British Civilisation
Sarah Pickard, 
Pocket, 13ème éd, 2018.
 Inequalities in the UK: New Discourses, Evolutions and Actions
David Fée & Anémone Kober-Smith (eds.)
Emerald Publishing Limited, 2017
Robert Owen's Experiment at New Lanark
From Paternalism to Socialism

Ophélie Siméon,
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

"Fields of Dreams and Messages, The Politics of the Mediated Representation of Sports" 
CREW journal InMedia latest issue

Le multiculturalisme britannique au 21e siècle, enjeux, politiques, débats
Olivier Esteves, Romain Garbaye,
Les Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, 2017.
Wellbeing: Challenging the Anglo-Saxon Hegemony
Catherine Coron & Louise Dalingwater (eds)
PSN, 2017.
Revisiting the UK and Ireland’s Transatlantic Economic Relationship with the United States in the 21st Century  
Beyond Sentimental Rhetoric

Groutel, Anne, Pauwels, Marie-Christine, Peyronel, Valérie (Eds.)
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
 Writing History from the Margins. African Americans and the Quest for Freedom
Claire Parfait, Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry, Claire Bourhis-Mariotti (eds.),
Routledge, 2017.

Young People Regenerating Politics in Times of Crisis.
Sarah Pickard & Judith Bessant (eds.),
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.


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