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YUFE: connecting with our European partners to transform higher education experience

In 2023, Sorbonne Nouvelle University (USN) joined the pioneering Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance as part of a ground-breaking plan to develop a new ‘European University’.

YUFE is one of 50 alliances of European universities selected by the European Commission to take part in its initiative to create the universities of the future by bringing together institutions from across the continent.

The YUFE Alliance is based on the joint vision of ten, young, student-centred, research-intensive universities and two non-academic partners located across Europe. Together, YUFE partners aim to create one of the first true European University that is open to all.

Why is YUFE important to USN?

At Sorbonne Nouvelle University, which has a long-standing tradition of welcoming international students and academics, we believe it is now more important than ever to forge transnational partnerships with universities which share our mission and values. YUFE will play an important role in transforming the higher education sector in Europe by driving forward innovation, staff and student mobility, as well as enriching the economic, social and cultural life of our region.

 Sorbonne Nouvelle University shares a common profile with the members of the YUFE Alliance. We are a young, research-intensive university with a longstanding commitment to inclusiveness and openness to the world. Our overall objectives are aligned with YUFE’s long-term vision for widely accessible, student-centred higher education that promotes European values, active citizenship, and the drive to tackle contemporary social and environmental challenges

 Being part of YUFE opens up new opportunities for USN teachers, researchers, administrative, technical & library staff, and of course, students. They will be able to make use of all the services and take advantage of the strong connections between YUFE institutions

“European and international cooperation have always been key priorities at USN. Becoming an official member of the YUFE Alliance is therefore a major milestone for our community and we are delighted to be able to join in the drive to make European universities fully fledged actors in the transformation of our societies”

Prof. Daniel Mouchard, President of Sorbonne Nouvelle University
Who belongs to the YUFE Alliance?

YUFE Alliance universities:  YUFE non-academic partners:

The YUFE Vision

YUFE aims to bring radical change and transform European higher education by becoming the leading model of a student-centred, open and inclusive European University. In this way, YUFE makes Europe-wide higher education a reality for local and international students of all backgrounds.

 Ultimately, YUFE will provide European students, staff and citizens from different backgrounds with life-changing educational experiences and opportunities. By doing so, YUFE will shape future generations of Europeans into socially responsible, globally oriented citizens and life-long learners equipped to effectively contribute to a more cohesive and inclusive European society.

One of its key components will be the physical, blended, and virtual mobility of students and staff. Other operational work areas include lifelong learning, inclusive research, doctoral and post-doctoral training, equity, diversity & inclusivity, quality assurance, entrepreneurship and civic engagement. USN will be actively involved in all these fields.

Studying across Europe

YUFE provides students with the opportunity to study a variety of academic modules, learn new languages, and connect and collaborate with other students across the YUFE network.

Undergraduate (second year or above) and postgraduate students will be able to choose, alongside their Sorbonne Nouvelle degree, from courses offered across the YUFE universities. The official language of YUFE study programmes is English, but students who spend a period at a university in another country are encouraged and supported to learn the language of their host country. There are also opportunities to take part in remote activities to learn and practice another language.

YUFE will not only acknowledge students’ academic performance. Students may also have opportunities to volunteer, follow internships, learn or practice another language, undertake professional training, and take part in community volunteering. Upon completion, students receive certificates listing all achievements relating to the YUFE opportunities they’ve participated in.

The YUFE Virtual Campus and catalogue gives information about what’s on offer and students have access to a student portal to track their progress and achievements.

Studying with YUFE is free, however travel and accommodation costs may be incurred if selecting courses that are delivered in-person at a partner institution.

YUFE mobility opportunities will be open to USN students from the 2024-2025 academic year.

YUFE Student Forum

The purpose of the YUFE Student Forum is to ensure that the perspective of students is always present in the implementation of the YUFE vision. Each partner university selects 3 students who represent their institution in the YUFE Student Forum and take part in the design and implementation of all YUFE activities. The President of the YUFE Student Forum even co-chairs the YUFE Strategy Board, the highest decision-making body in the YUFE Alliance. The YUFE governance structure thus reflects the extent to which the YUFE Student Forum representatives are important players in co-leading and co-creating the YUFE project and vision.

In May 2023, Sorbonne Nouvelle University selected its 3 student representatives to be part of the YUFE Student Forum:

  • Mr Timothée Lamour (Bachelor, LLCER)
  • Ms Adélie Michelland (Bachelor, LLCER)
  • Ms Viola Rana (Masters, Institut d’études européennes)

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