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Welcome activities for international students

In 2019-2020, the Sorbonne Nouvelle University’s International Affairs Office (DAI) presents several actions to facilitate the reception and integration of international students, whether they come as part of an exchange program or as individual students:
  • The International Affairs Office’s pages on Sorbonne Nouvelle University website have been redesigned and translated into an English version.A brochure presenting the University has been developed, as well as an International Student Guide and an Accommodation Guide.
  • A Welcome Desk specifically dedicated to international students and run by a team of multilingual student-referents integrated into the DAI is being set up.
  • Language courses for administrative staff of the University’s services receiving international students is being set up.
  • The tutoring program has been redesigned to link tutors and students according to their common levels and fields of study, and will be gradually expanded to international individual students during the academic year 2019-2020.

Welcome Desk for incoming international students

  • In order to meet the expectations of incoming international students, the International Affairs Office is setting up a Welcome Desk in foreign languages at the entrance of the Censier Campus at the start of of the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • The Welcome Desk is run by a team of multilingual students integrated within the International Affairs Office, and referents of the different teaching faculties (Unités Formations Recherches/UFR) of Sorbonne Nouvelle University: Arts & Media; Literature, Linguistic, Didactics (LLD) and Languages, Literature, Culture and Foreign Societies (LLCSE). The Welcome Desk allows international students to be informed and guided towards their administratives and daily life procedures as soon as they arrive at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, and benefit from a privileged contact for their first weeks at University.

International tutoring program

Arriving in a foreign country and in a new university can be difficult for an international student, and require an adaptation period. In order to help you integrate within the Sorbonne Nouvelle University and the Parisian life, the International Affairs Office has set up a tutoring program for incoming international students. By enrolling in this program, you will benefit from a personalized support with a tutor selected by the International Affairs Office, assigned to you according to your mutual level and field of studies, as well as the interests you share.

    • This support allows you to benefit from a privileged contact, familiar with the administrative procedures of the University (pedagogical procedures, contacts with teachers and administrative staff) and the procedures for settling in France (obtaining the Navigo transportation pass, applying for accommodation assistance, opening a bank account). Depending on your needs, the tutor can also help you understand the French academic system and provide you with methodological advice.  
    • Therefore, the tutoring program offers you the opportunity to a better integration within the academic community, for speaking French on a daily basis, and for discovering the Parisian cultural life by forging special bonds with a French student from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University.
    • The tutoring program’s registration form will be sent to all exchange program students once they have registered at Sorbonne Nouvelle University and before they arrival. The tutoring program will gradually extend to individual international students during the academic year 2019-2020.

Welcome and integration

Before the beginning of classes, the International Affairs Office organizes a welcome meeting at Sorbonne Nouvelle University for exchange program students. This event allows you to meet the DAI’s team and be welcomed by the University’s President in one of the amphitheatre of the Campus Censier. During this meeting, we provide you with information to help you settle in Paris, understand how the University operates and carry out your administrative procedures to enrol to your courses and get your timetable.

During pre-semester week, the Welcome Meeting is completed by a visit of the Quartier Latin with a member of the DAI’s team, as well as a teamed treasure hunt in the University to discover the different services and points of interest of Sorbonne Nouvelle University.

International activities and encounters

Throughout the year, the DAI organizes events and activities for exchange program students and non exchange program students :
  • Celebration of the European Erasmus Program during Erasmus Days for all Sorbonne Nouvelle students, with a trasure hunt through the university and a tombola.

  • Celebration of the Mobility Day through information stands on Campus Censier and presentations of the different mobility programs.
  • Organization of the Mobility Forum on Campus Censier, where students are invited to meet and share their internatonal experiences.
  • Organization of playful meetings around language games by groups of students.
  • Organization of thematic film evenings with quiz and screening at the University’s movie theater, in partnership with the association Lost in Frenchlation

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