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Touched: Transdisciplinary Perspectives (19th-21st centuries)

le 30 juin 2021

Organisation : PRISMES - Langues, Textes, Arts et Cultures du Monde Anglophone - EA 4398

Contact : Caroline Pollentier

Keynote speaker: Mark Paterson (University of Pittsburgh)

Launch of the TACT network (Touch, Arts, Affects)

This international study day proposes to explore the elusive experience of being touched. The first goal of this seminar will be to interrogate affective ecologies of touch across a range of disciplines and methodologies—literature, sociology, philosophy, linguistics, arts and media, neuroscience, robotics. How is one touched by a hand, a crowd, by literary texts, needles, films, digital images, and robots? How can artworks, like haptic media, convey the sensation of being touched from a distance or "being touched as if from the inside" (Toni Morrison, quoted by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht)? The second goal of this seminar will be to revaluate the tactile and affective paradigm of passivity. According to J. J. Gibson’s canonical distinction between active touch and passive touch in "Observations on Active Touch" (1962), touch is passive when it is "receptive" and brought about by "some outside agency"--conversely, haptic sensing is defined by an emphasis on active touch. What happens to the subject's agency in the experience of affective touch? This study day seeks to revalue the singularity and potentialities of passive touch, foregrounding the bidirectionality of touch as a way of rethinking categories of agency, action, and actant. The event will serve as the launch for the TACT network (Touch, Arts, Affects) which aims at leading transdisciplinary research on touch and haptics in the arts.

Scientific Committee:
Irving Goh (National University of Singapore), Louise P. Kirsch (University College London - ISIR), Mark Paterson (Pittsburgh), Pierre-Louis Patoine (Sorbonne Nouvelle), Caroline Pollentier (Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude
Lieu(x) :
Paris, France

mise à jour le 19 février 2021