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REPORTÉ : Diplomatic departures: negotiating Britain's international outreach in the contemporary world

le 27 mars 2020

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Contact: Lauriane Simony et Mélanie Torrent

Organised by CORPUS (UR UPJV 4295) and CREW (UR 4399), and with the support of the Institut universitaire de France


In recent years, the expansion of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office network into new countries has generated increasing interest in the role of the places and spaces where diplomacy is made, in the international outreach of the United Kingdom and in the interactions between state and non-state actors and initiatives in delivering foreign policy objectives. What has received perhaps less sustained attention is the impact of diplomatic departures in Britain and in the British diplomatic network on the rethinking of Britain’s influence and power (hard, soft and smart).

Considering a wide-range of diplomatic actors, and reflecting on the influence of the socio-economic and geopolitical dynamics of the host countries as well as the financial and political directions defined by the Foreign and Commonwealth office, this one-day conference reflects on the adaptability and resilience of Britain’s international networks.

It assesses what characterises both British diplomacy and Britain as a diplomatic space, by looking at several types of departures:
  • departures at times of crisis, when heads of mission resigned, were expelled or were reposted under pressure from the host government or were removed by the home government 
  • departures, in policy and style, which also occur in less dramatic circumstances, when a mission is relocated within the same country, or when British offices are expanded
  • the establishment of multilateral missions and the pooling of resources, subsuming or redeploying specifically national offices
As the United Kingdom negotiates its new relationship with the European Union, this conference also seeks to bring diplomatic departures into historical perspective whilst assessing the contemporary dynamics at the heart of the actual and possible reorientations in British diplomacy

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude
Lieu(x) :
Tour Signal
Pôle universitaire Citadelle
10 rue des Français libres
80080 Amiens

mise à jour le 17 mars 2020


Tour Signal
Pôle universitaire Citadelle
10 rue des Français libres
80080 Amiens

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