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Le programme - colloque international Infinite Wallace / Wallace infini

Thursday, September 11
Institut du monde anglophone, Sorbonne-Nouvelle (5, rue de l'École de médecine)
8:30 Registration
9:00 Welcome address (Aliyah Morgenstern, Head of Doctoral School for English, German and European Studies)
9:30 Performance, entertainment, media I
Heath Iverson (University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK) David Foster Wallace as Avant-Garde Filmmaker : A History of ‘Anticonfluential Cinema’
Bart Thornton (The Collegiate School, Richmond, VirginiaDavid Foster Wallace and Cinema
Mike Miley (Metairie Park County Day School, Metairie, LA, USA) … And Starring David Foster Wallace as Himself: Performance and Persona in The Pale King
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 Performance, entertainment, media II
Tony McMahon (RMIT University, Australia) David Foster Wallace and Music: New Sincerity, (Post) Modern Lovers and the Grunge of Signifying Rappers
Jay Johnson (Medecine Hat College, Canada) The Canada-centric Arc in Infinite Jest
12:45 Lunch
14:30 Plenary
Professor Marshall Boswell (Rhodes College, Memphis, USA) The Wallace Effect: The Anxiety of Wallace’s Influence in Contemporary Fiction
15:15 Wallace the auteur / Questions of reading and writing I
Tim Groenland (Trinity College, Dublin, IrelandInfinite Jest and the Death of the Auteur
Jackie O’Dell (Tufts University, USA) David Foster Wallace and the Anxieties of Serious Fiction
John Roache (University of Manchester, UK) David Foster Wallace and the Function of Criticism
16:45 Coffee break
17:00 Wallace the auteur / Questions of reading and writing II
Laura Morris (University of Cologne, Germany) The Emancipated Reader : The Radical Aesthet[h]ics in David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
Laura Kreyder (University of Milan, Italy) Le bon usage : Le Français chez David Foster Wallace
18:30 Cocktail at the Institute
Friday, September 12
Institut du monde anglophone, Sorbonne-Nouvelle (5, rue de l'École de médecine)
9:30 Influences and transmissions I
Calvin Thomas (University of Georgia State, Atlanta, USA) Art is on the way: from the abject opening of Underworld to the shitty ending of Oblivion
Stephanie Lambert (University of York, UK) ‘We recoil from the dull’: David Foster Wallace and Don DeLillo’s Digressive Tactics
Lefteris Kalospyros (University of Athens, Greece) and Kostas Kaltsas (independent scholar, Greece) The social mass and the solipsistic bead: Oedipa Maas, Lenore Beadsman and
the limits of self-revelation.
11:00 Coffee break
11: 15 Influences and transmissions II
Tore Andersen (Arhus University, Denmark) Covered in “P” – David Foster Wallace’s Paratextual Curse
Daniel Mattingly (Swansea University, UK) The Wallace Legacy: Humanism and Literary Renewal in American Literature after David Foster Wallace
Pater Waldstein (University of Vienna, Austria) Necessity and Freedom in Jonathan Franzen and David Foster Wallace
12:45 Lunch
14:30 Post-secular Wallace? I
Christopher Kocela (University of Georgia State, Atlanta, USA) Engaging Buddhism in the Work of David Foster Wallace: Continuous Practice, Infinite Jest
Jason Ford (Rice University, Texas, USA) Infinite Jest:  An Apocalyptic Reading
Jeffrey Fisher (Caroll University, Wisconsin, USA) Self-Worship and Revelations of Limit: Narcissism, Religion, and Freedom in Brief Interviews and This Is Water
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Post-secular Wallace? II
Jurrit Daalder (University of Oxford, UK)“Limits and Rituals”: The Neomonastic Communities of David Foster Wallace’s Postsecular Narratives
David Hering (University of Liverpool, UK) Ghostwriters in the Machine: Voice and Possession in Wallace’s Fiction
19:00 Evening presentations : Bill Lattanzi (PBS, Nat Geo, TLC) and JT Jackson (writer)
Saturday, September 13
École normale supérieure (45, rue d'Ulm, salle des Actes)
10:00 David Foster Wallace and philosophy I
Michell Cunningham (Deakin University, Australia) A Rhetoric of Allegory in Wallace’s "The Soul is Not a Smithy"
Jacopo Cozzi (Université Paris VII-Diderot, France) David Foster Wallace, “Homme révolté”
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 David Foster Wallace and philosophy II
Hadrien Laroche (écrivain, France) The man who suffers and the mind which creates
Lee Konstantinou (University of Maryland, USA) What is a Turdnagel?
Allard Den Dulk (Amsterdam University College, Netherlands) and Anthony Leaker (University of Brighton, UK) The ‘Very Life Blood’ of the Game: Language, Rules and Meaning in Wittgenstein, Wallace and DeLillo
12:45 Lunch
14:30 Humor, Sentiment, Communion I
Franz Kaltenbeck (psychanalyste et enseignant, Savoirs et clinique, Paris et Lille, France) “The seed of emptiness.” Melancholy of The Pale King
Robert McLaughlin (Illinois State University, USA) David Foster Wallace, the Literature of Sincerity and the Narratology of Infinite Jest
Toon Staes (University of Antwerp, Belgium) Feeling the Plot: a Sentimental Reading of Infinite Jest and The Pale King
16:00 Coffee break
16:15 Humor, Sentiment, Communion II
Ralph Clare (Boise State University, Idaho, USA) Toward a Posthuman Empathy in the Work of David Foster Wallace
Mary Holland (SUNY New Paltz, New York, USA) “By Hirsute Author”: Gender &/vs. Communication in the Work of David Foster Wallace
Adam Kelly (University of York, UK) Art, Science and the “Group Mind”: David Foster Wallace’s Communal Progress
19:30 Conference dinner at Bouillon Racine (3, rue Racine)

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