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International french certifications and intensive linguistic stays

Depending on your objectives, Sorbonne Nouvelle University has an adapted response organized around intensive internships, preparations for university degrees or certifications.

Courses correspond to the differents levels of proficiency in French, determined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)

A1 : beginner     A2 :elementary    B1 : intermediate    B2 : upper intermediate    

C1 : advanced    C2 : master

A B2/C1 certification of proficiency is required by the teaching team to apply for a degree at Sorbonne Nouvelle University.


Take a degree course in French, obtain an international certification

Sorbonne Nouvelle University offers fee-based formations (one-semester or full-year) to prepare assesments for and present French language proficiency certifications recognized throughout the world.
  • An intensive semester of French language upgrading: the DULF (16 hours of class and 4 hours of workshop per week, level A1-B2).
  • An intensive semester of improvement in French language: the DUEF level 1 (16 hours per week, level B2-C1).
  • An intensive semester of mastering French language: the DUEF level 2 (18 hours per week, level C1-C2).
  • An intensive semester of phonetics upgrading: the DUPALF (15 hours per week, level B1 and above).
  • An exam preparation internship for DELF-DALF, the National Education degrees, (20 hours per internship, 4 hours weekly for 5 weeks, level B1-C2).
  • Exam session of the DELF-DALF.

Take intensive courses during a winter or summer school

These biannual fee-based schools allow you to work intensively and discover Paris through cultural activities scheduled by the Office of Continuing Education (FCP3).

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