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French improvement courses during your degree

Depending on your methodologic and academic objectives, Sorbonne Nouvelle University

 has an adapted response organized around intensive internships, support courses, workshops and interventions. 
Courses correspond to the differents levels of proficiency in French, determined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)

A1 : beginner     A2 :elementary    B1 : intermediate    B2 : upper intermediate    

C1 : advanced    C2 : master

All of these classes and activities being part of your degree at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, they are therefore offered free of additionnal fees.

As an international individual student
These support courses are offered by the Office of Transversal Courses (BET) as « Free Modules » (UE Libres), integrated into your degree. The internships and support workshops are offerted by the Student Success Service.

As an exchange program student
(Erasmus Program, Exchange Prorams outside of the EU)
These modules are offered by the International Affairs Office (DAI) and the Department of French as Foreign Language (DFLE). They will be presented during the welcome meeting and open to registration during the pre-semester week.

  • An intensive French languge internship at the beginning of the semester (25 hours).
  • A semester-long French language course integrated into your study program, with four groups of level (level B1-C1).
  • A choice among two semester-long modules of methodology integrated into your study program (levels B2 and B2/C1).
  • A choice among four semester-long modules of French culture integrated into your study program (level B2).

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