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Erasmus Exchange Program

Incoming Students

We welcome exchange students who want to study at ESIT for a semester as part of their student career in the Translation field.

You should first check with the international office at your institution whether a bilateral agreement has been signed with ESIT- Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. Unfortunately, we cannot accept application forms from students who have not been officially nominated by their University or have not submitted an application to Paris 3 International and European Relations Office (SRI).

We do not accept free movers.


Application Process

All applications to Erasmus programs at ESIT should be made online through the International and European Relations Office (SRI) at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3.

Once nominated by your home university, you should fill out the Paris 3 SRI online application form and send by post a paper copy duly signed and stamped by the International Exchange Coordinator of your University. 

Deadlines for Nomination by your Home University:
  • 15th May 2015 for students starting in October 2015
  • 15th October 2015 for students starting in January 2016

Application for next semester is now closed!

Please note that we admit the selected exchange students only if they have very good proficiency in French to be able to follow lectures, write academic papers and translate into French. Furthermore, students will be accepted only in the 1st year (Master 1) of our two-year Translation Postgraduate program.

Once we have accepted your application, we will send you a Welcome Guide. If it is not available at the time of your acceptance, it will be mailed separately over the summer. Feel free to request it from

For details on how to apply for accommodation, see Useful Information below. 
For any question regarding the application procedure, please email or

List of Courses and Credits

Courses available and ECTS: see the document "Contrôle des connaissances Master 1" available here.

There is no special Visiting Student Program.

Exchange students have access to Master 1 courses only. Pre-requisites are required to access Master 2 courses. Please check with Dominique Helies.

Translation courses are open to exchange students with the following languages:

Language A Language B Language C
English French German/Italian/
German French English
Italian French English
Spanish French English

The updated list of courses and the timetable for the 1st Semester 2014-2015 should be available in October 2014.

Course attendance is compulsory. You can earn credits to transfer back to your home institution.

Grading System

See pages 4 and 5 of the document "Contrôle des connaissances Master 1" available here.

Useful Information

The ESIT ‘Welcome Guide 2014-2015’ for Erasmus Exchange Students will be available over the summer.

You can already get relevant information regarding Paris 3 Exchange Program by downloading the ‘Guide de l’étudiant étranger pour l’université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 2013-2014’ from (French version only).

ESIT Key Facts and Dates

ESIT does not provide for the accommodation of incoming exchange students.  More information about how to apply for Paris 3 on-campus accommodation is available at

Welcome Day at Paris 3
  • 1st Semester        xx October 2014
  • 2nd Semester       xx January 2015

Welcome Day at ESIT
  • 1st Semester        1st October 2014 at 10.00 am
  • No Welcome Day for the 2nd Semester 
Open Day at ESIT
  • Friday, 12th December 2014

mise à jour le 20 octobre 2015

School Exchange Team

ESIT Departmental Coordinator
Dominique Helies
(ESIT - Centre universitaire Dauphine, Office #P213bis)

International Exchange Coordinator
Claire Macheras
(Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3)

Academic Calendar

1st Semester
  • Teaching: Monday 6th October 2014 to Saturday 10th January 2015
  • Exams: Monday 5th January 2015 to Saturday 10th January 2015
2nd Semester
  • Teaching: Monday 19th January 2015 to Saturday 16th May 2015
  • Exams: Monday 4th April 2015 to Saturday 9th May 2015 

ESIT Campus Map

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Catherine Alexandre 
2nd floor (Paris side)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:00
  • Monday, Wednesday: 9:30-12:00

Metro Line 2: Porte Dauphine
Bus PC1: Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
RER Line C: Avenue Foch