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EA 185 - Institute for research on cinema and audio-visual media (IRCAV)

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Université Sorbonne Nouvelle MAISON DE LA RECHERCHE Bureau A113 4, rue des Irlandais
75005 PARIS
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01 55 43 08 93 (E. Laly)

Axe(s) of research

Created in 1983, IRCAV consists of 11 full professors, 5 emeritus professors, 18 lecturers, 2 honorary lecturers and 2 associate lecturers. There are also 4 temporary lecturer positions, 20 graduate teaching assistants, 2 post-doctoral researchers, 1 Individual Fellowship (Marie Curie, EU), about 40 associate researchers with positions at other institutions, and more than 70 doctoral students.

IRCAV is characterised by its inclusion of a wide variety of subjects and academic disciplines, encouraging cross-disciplinary approaches to cinema and media studies.

IRCAV's research covers the entire domain of cinema and audiovisual media: from early and silent film to digital productions, from fiction to documentary, from family films to experimental cinema, from television to video, from photography to interactive documentaries and mobile phones, from advertising to objects created for museums and art galleries. These subjets involve numerous disciplines including aesthetics, history, economics, sociology, law, anthropology, semiology, cultural and communications studies.

There are four disciplinary polarities between which research programs are developped :
        - Aesthetics of cinema, audiovisual media and images ;
        - History and Cinema / History of cinema and audiovisual media ;
        - Economics, sociology and law in cinema and audiovisual media ;
        - Cultural studies and pragmatics of cinema and audiovisual media.

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