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Degrees and course catalogue

Sorbonne Nouvelle University offers high-level multidisciplinary degrees in the fields of Arts, Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences.

Degrees (Licence/L)

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Combining majors and minors in Undergraduate Degrees

At undergraduate level, each degree offers a major-minor combination that allows students to discover two disciplines during the first year.

The « major » field of study must be chosen from your department and the « minor » field of study must be chosen from another departement (4/6 hours per week).

You can consult the different majors/minors combinations on the minors' presentation page, and ask for advice from the Information and Orientation Service (SIOEC).

From the second year onwards, students can choose to either :
  • pursue their first year major-minor combination
  • opt for a « reinforced major » which will allow them to specialise in the discipline of their choice
  • opt for a double diploma, by reinforcing the minor courses

Transversal modules (Unités d'enseignement/UE)

The Office of Transversal Courses (Bureau des Enseignements Transversaux / BET) allows students to widen the scope of their studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle University by following transversal modules (Unités d’Enseignements/UE):

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Exchange programme students

To find out how to choose your courses, please see the dedicated page.

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