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Degrees and course catalogue

Sorbonne Nouvelle University offers high-level multidisciplinary degrees in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities: Modern Languages, Literature, Arts and Modern Societies.

At undergraduate level, each degree offers a major-minor combination that allows students to discover two disciplines during the first year. From the second year onwards, students can choose to either pursue their first year major-minor combination, opt for a « reinforced major » which will allow them to specialise in the discipline of their choice, or opt for a double diploma, by reinforcing the minor courses.

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Transversal modules (Unités d'enseignement/UE)

By following modules (Unités d’Enseignements/UE) in other departments, students are allowed to widen the scope of their studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Learn more about choices of Transversal Modules from the Office of Transversal Courses (Bureau des Enseignements Transversaux (BET))

Combining majors and minors

Each undergraduate degree allows you to combine a « major » field of study (from your department) and a « minor » field of study (from another departement, 4/6 hours per week).

You can consult the different Majors/Minors combinations here, and ask for advice from the Information and Orientation Service.

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