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Conditions for applying for CROUS grants

Many initiatives have been put in place to help students from countries in crisis to settle in France. Students with refugee status in France and students who are beneficiaries of subsidiary protection can apply for CROUS grants and other financial support. Asylum seekers cannot benefit from these grants.

Grants based on social criteria

Students with refugee status in France and students benefiting from subsidiary protection who are under 35 years old can apply for grants managed by the CROUS.

To benefit from these grants, you must:
Applications for grants and/or accommodation are made through the Student Social File (Dossier social étudiant - DSE). Students with refugee status in France or benefiting from subsidiary protection can obtain a grant for 12 months, according to the scale of grants on social criteria, i.e. a level 6 or 7 depending on their situation, which corresponds to a grant of 488.90 to 567.90 euros per month.

More information on the website (section « demande dossier étudiant ») or

Other financial support

Other specific ad hoc or annual financial support are also available for students with refugee status or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection.
  • Specific ad hoc grants
Students with refugee status or those under subsidiary protection who are experiencing serious temporary difficulties can, following the decision of a commission, obtain specific ad hoc grants.
Award criteria: serious social situation certified by a social assessment.
Conditions of allocation: Any student enrolled in initial training at an establishment or section of an establishment entitled to the student social security scheme may apply for ad hoc support. Maximum amount of ad hoc support: €500
Combination of financial support: Ad hoc support can be combined with a grant based on social criteria, an annual allowance, international mobility aid or merit-based aid.
  • Specific annual support (family breakdown, proven independence)
Students aged between 28 and 34 can also apply for a specific annual allowance for students in difficulty.

More information on the CROUS website.

Accommodation in a student Hall of Residence

Students with refugee status or students under subsidiary protection can apply for accommodation in a Crous residence.

Important dates:
  • Posting of accommodation offers and opening of the application process for the main phase: 4 May 2021 at 10 a.m. (Note: before submitting any application, you must have initiated your Student Social File - DSE)
  • Deadline for application: 22 June 2021 at 10 a.m.
  • Allocation of accommodation in the main phase: 29 June 2021
  • Opening of the complementary phase: 8 July 2021
Applications are made after having constituted a Student Social File (DSE).

More information on the CROUS website.

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