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The Société d'Étude des Pays du Commonwealth (SEPC) / Society for the Study of Commonwealth Countries publishes two issues of Commonwealth Essays and Studies (on literature and the visual arts) and one issue of Cultures of the Commonwealth (on social sciences) per year. The annual membership to the SEPC amounts to 40 euros. A printable subscription form is available here. [DOCX - 61 Ko] Membership and subscription to Cultures of the Commonwealth (including shipping costs) amounts to 50 euros. Commonwealth Essays and Studies is now published in open access and is available here: Printed back issues, between 28.1 (Autumn 2005), "Textual, Contextual, Extra-Textual," and 41.2 (Spring 2019), "Nadine Gordimer," can be ordered from the Boutique des Cahiers, the bookshop of the Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, by placing online orders through the PSN website: (telephone: (33)Ø1. Orders and payments for back issues earlier than 28.1, as well as subscription enquiries, should be addressed to Kerry-Jane Wallart (treasurer), 21 rue Béranger, 75003 Paris, France ( Cheques in euros drawn on a French bank account should be made out to the SEPC. (See "Orders and Subscriptions".)

Board of the SEPC / Bureau de la SEPC

President: Fiona McCann (U. of Lille)
Vice-President (literature and visual arts): Christine Lorre-Johnston (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Vice-President (social sciences): Gilles Teulié (U. of Aix-Marseille)
Secretary: Salhia Ben-Messahel (U. of Toulon)
Vice-secretary (webpage secretary): Inés Bigot (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Treasurer (subscriptions to the SEPC and order of printed back issues): Kerry-Jane Wallart (U. of Orléans)

Advice for Potential Contributors to Commonwealth Essays and Studies

Commonwealth Essays and Studies is a peer-reviewed journal of criticism devoted to the study of postcolonial literatures, in all periods and genres. It is now published exclusively online on OpenEdition, a portal which brings together platforms dedicated to electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences. The journal can be consulter in open access here: We welcome submissions of articles, interviews, and reviews on literary topics relating to any area of the New Literatures in English. Translations are to be provided for citations in languages other than English. Submissions, which should not exceed 6000 words or 36000 signs (including explanatory notes and Works Cited), should follow our own stylesheet below.

Submissions should include a short abstract of your essay (50-70 words). A brief bio-bibliographical note (50-70 words) is to be provided separately, along with name, affiliation, student standing (if applicable), as well as postal address and e-mail address. Decisions regarding submissions can be expected by e-mail. All works accepted for publication must be available in electronic format.

Thank you for thinking of offering your work to Commonwealth. Please send your electronic files to the editor, Christine Lorre-Johnston (

For the stylesheet, consult the  website of the journal here:

Metrics can be consulted here (scroll down to "revue ces"):

Printed edition: ISSN 0395-6989
Online edition: ISSN 2534-6695

Editorial Committee of Commonwealth Essays and Studies / Comité éditorial

Editorial director: Fiona McCann (U. of Lille)
Editor: Christine Lorre-Johnston (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Associate editor: Kathie Birat (U. of Lorraine)
Advisory editor: Claire Omhovère (Paul Valéry U. – Montpellier)
Review co-editors: Marilyne Brun (U. of Lorraine), Jaine Chemmachery (Sorbonne U.) and Claire Gallien (Paul Valéry U. – Montpellier)

Editorial Board / Comité de lecture

Sandeep Bakshi (U. of Paris)
Claire Bazin (U. Paris-Nanterre)
Sahlia Ben-Messahel (U. of Toulon)
Corinne Bigot (U. of Toulours – Jean Jaurès)
Florence Cabaret (U. of Rouen)
André Dodeman (U. Grenoble Alpes)
Christiane Fioupou (U. of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)
Cécile Girardin (U. Paris 13)
Vanessa Guignery (ENS Lyon)
Mélanie Joseph-Vilain (U. of Dijon)
Claire Joubert (U. Paris 8 – Vincennes-Saint-Denis)
Françoise Kral (U. Paris – Nanterre)
Florence Labaune-Demeule (U. Lyon 3 – Jean Moulin)
Judith Misrahi-Barak (Paul Valéry U. – Montpellier)
Catherine Pesso-Miquel (U. Lumière – Lyon 2)
Alexandra Poulain (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Mathilde Rogez (U. of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)
Sneharika Roy (The American U. of Paris)
Richard Samin (U. of Lorraine)
Alexis Tadié (Sorbonne U.)
Christine Vandamme (U. Grenoble Alpes)
Kerry-Jane Wallart (U. of Orléans)
Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS/THALIM)
Pascal Zinck (U. Paris 13)

International Advisory Board / Comité de lecture international

Diana Brydon (U. of Manitoba, Canada)
Estelle Castro (James Cook U., Australia)
Alistair Fox (U. of Otago, New Zealand)
Michelle Keown (U. of Edinburgh, UK)
Neil ten Kortenaar (U. of Toronto, Canada)
Bénédicte Ledent (U. of Liège, Belgium)
Laura Moss (U. of British Columbia, Canada)
Andrea Robin Ruthven (U. of Cantabria, Spain)
Paul Sharrad (U. of Wollongong, Australia)
Paul Thieme (U. of East Anglia, UK)
Mark Williams (Victoria U. of Wellington, New Zealand)
Janet Wilson (U. of Northampton, UK)


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  • Special issue of Commonwealth Essays and Studies, "Generic Boundaries in South African Literature: A Revaluation" (Spring 2023). Proposals due 15 January 2022. CFP here [PDF - 72 Ko].
  • CFP for one-day conference on "War and nature: traces, interactions and reconfigurations in 19th- to 21st-century literature in English", Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3, 8 October 2021. Click here [PDF - 607 Ko].
  • CFP, special issue of Commonwealth Essays and Studies 43.2 (Spring 2021), "In Other Worlds: Imagining What Comes Next." Click here [PDF - 50 Ko].
  • Call for articles, Oxford Research Encyclopedia. Click here 


  • Commonwealth Essays and Studies:
current issue: n° 42.1 (Autumn 2019), "Revolution(s)"
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: n° 42.2 (Spring 2020), "Place and Placelessness in Postcolonial Short Fiction"                   
                                 n° 43.1 (Autumn 2020), "Exception"
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  • Cultures of the Commonwealth:
latest issue: n° 19/20/21 (Winter 2016-17): Transparency to Crossings

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Members of the SEPC

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