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China and the global crisis, two years on comparison with the European Union

du 3 juin 2010 au 4 juin 2010

Colloque international

Lieu : Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong
Organisateur : Xavier Richet - EA 2291 ICEE (EDEAGE)


The conference ambitions to address the following issues : Outcomes and efficiency of the stimulus package to support a sustainable economic recovery ; Switching from the export-led growth strategy to a demand-led growth model, a transition accompanied by a gradual financial liberalisation ; « Clusterization » of the main regional economies, with the risks of renewed protectionism ; « Awakening » of the China domestic market, and its potential role in the Chinese switch to a new model of growth ; Increasing international role of the Chinese currency, either through steps towards convertibility or through diverted measures designed at broadening its role (bilateral agreements, dealing with HKMA) ; China's regional role, in particular with respect to its dialogue with the new Japanese government and its positioning towards South East Asia ; Going global: the  growth of Chinese FDI: from defensive-strategic investments towards assets and market shares seeking;Analyzing the European Union (EU)'s reactions to the global crisis, its proposed solutions, and its chosen policies brings in a useful comparative dimension to the conference. In many ways, the EU's responses to the global financial crisis have been different from China's. The EU's high unemployment rate, the segmentation of its own economic space as well as its financial and banking institutions, the large disparities among the European economies, in particular between Western and Eastern European economies, are among the main factors explaining these differences. Nevertheless, solutions have been partly similar: boosting the national economy and production to the detriment of imports, temptation of protectionism and consolidation of the banking system.

Programme téléchargeable ici : [PDF - 48 Ko]

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude

mise à jour le 2 juin 2010