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Ateliers du groupe de travail ‘Labour & Empire’ dans le cadre du 4ème Congrès du European Labour History Network (ELHN)

du 30 août 2021 au 3 septembre 2021

Organisation : Yann Béliard

Présentation en version anglaise :

As it has done since the first ELHN congress in Turin (2015), the “Labour & Empire” working group wishes to hold a couple of sessions at the congress that will be organised next year at Vienna University, this time in conjunction with the WORCK (Worlds of Related Coercions in Work) congress.The coordinators welcome proposals for twenty-minute papers. Panels of three or four papers will be greeted with particular attention.Potential topics include but are not limited to:° Labour law in colonial settings and its relation to labour law in the metropoles.° Patterns of work and control of the workforce – notably in agriculture, mining and transport.° Transnational / transimperial / transcolonial labour activism.° The interplay of anticolonial nationalism with trade-union, syndicalist, socialist or communist internationalism.° The part played by labour movements in decolonisation; how they challenged the authority of the colonial state but also of the post-colonial states.° Working-class views of or implication in colonial atrocities: genocide, partition, famine...These issues can be considered in relation to the European empires as well as the contiguous empires of East Asia and the United States. The focus of the papers should be on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.Events since our last gathering in Amsterdam – to name but a few: the Black Lives Matter movement, calls to “decolonise the curriculum”, the success of Akala’s Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire… – have served as reminders of the necessity to address the history of imperial exploitation and oppression to make sense of present-day issues and struggles.


Panel 1 (5 papers)

Alejandro Gomez-Pernia (Sorbonne Nouvelle, France), “Forms of coerced labour and advocacies against them in Spanish America, 18th-early 20th century”
Amelia Spooner (Columbia, USA), “A New Regime of Labor for a New Republic? The Commission du régime du travail aux colonies (1872-1875)”

Interrogating the global colour line
Lorenzo Costaguta (Bristol, UK), “Socialism and the Construction of a Global White Consciousness: Race and Colonialism in the Second International (1889-1914)”
Joe Redmayne (Newcastle, UK), “Militancy and Whiteness amongst the Working People of County Durham, 1919. A Multi-occupational Approach”
Justine Cousin (freelance researcher, France), “Colonial Labour aboard British Steamships. Control and Contestation (1900-1960)”

Panel 2: Labour & Decolonisation (1) (3 papers)
Limin Teh (Leiden, The Netherlands) and Duncan Money (Leiden, The Netherlands), “Decolonization at Work: A Comparative History of Mining Labor on the Central African Copperbelt and the Fushun Coalfields, c. 1946-1970”
Adrien Rodd (Versailles, France), “Labour and Empire in the Independence Movement in Fiji”

Panel 3: Labour & Decolonisation (2) (3 papers)
Nick Owen (Oxford, UK), “Visual Encounters with Colonial Violence in India”
Yann Béliard (Sorbonne Nouvelle, France) and Gareth Curless (Exeter, UK), “Towards a People’s History of British Decolonisation”

Type :
Colloque / Journée d'étude
Lieu(x) :
Université de Vienne, Autriche

mise à jour le 27 janvier 2021